Privacy Policy

Your information is safe with us.

Aaron High-Tech, Ltd., its officers and employees take your privacy very seriously. We therefore declare that:

  • We will not disclose any information you provide us to any other entity, unless compelled to do so by legal means
  • In particular, the email address you use to register with us will not be handed over to any other entity (as above)
  • We require a valid (and not temporary) email address from our customers, in order to maintain contact with them; the only purpose to which we put your email address is to communicate with you
  • We do not keep any financial information of yours (e.g. if you purchase a license from us)
  • The above notwithstanding, any posts made to our forum are by their nature public

In the event you wish to communicate with us more securely, please encrypt the text using GnuPG, with Ron Aaron’s public key