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8th™ and Aaron High-Tech in the news

April 2017: This release is our fastest and most stable yet! It is between 10 and 20% faster than the previous release, uses less memory, and has more features. Read more on the forum, and see how much fun programming can be!

May 2016: As mentioned previously, we are creating an embedded-8th port, and we are taking donations to help defray the R&D costs of producing the embedded-8th board as well as the port itself. That board is just the beginning for e8th, however. We plan on making e8th the “go-to” solution for secure and reliable embedded programming.

Accomplishing that goal requires partners who can help us gain access to markets as well as funding. So to that end, we are seeking corporate sponsors. If your company is interested in such a venture, please contact Ron at and we can discuss the matter further.

Aaron High-Tech teams with TehnoEM Microprocesoare to create a high-end embedded 8th board

April 2016: Due to demand for a version of 8th which is truly embedded, we are creating an embedded-8th board, which is going to make its appearance soon.

The design for the board is being done by TehnoEM Microprocesoare S.R.L. of Romania, in coordination with Aaron High-Tech, Ltd. The board is based on the powerful STM32F756 Cortex-M7 microcontroller and will take advantage of 8th’s built-in security.

The version of 8th it will run is tentatively called “e8th”, for “embedded 8th”. It will have the same syntax as current 8th does, though some functionality will necessarily not be present due to space and hardware restrictions. Thus developers will be able to use the same comfortable 8th syntax for the embedded application as they do for the controller application on a server, desktop or mobile device.

Note that the “e8th” license will include a license for the developer’s edition of 8th. This is because we feel developers will want to use the same tools, as mentioned above, for both embedded and desktop or mobile development.

We are taking pre-orders for the board. If you are interested, please email with your request or query, and we will respond to you within 2 business days.