Kudos, praise and just nice words about 8th from our satisfied users

“8th is an ambitious, innovative, and very serious Forth platform for the 21st century; everyone with a deep interest in Forth owes it to themselves to have a look at its design and capabilities!”
“I should say I'm really impressed with both 8th and your support.”
“First, congratulations on 8th. It is a great implementation of a Forth like dialect. I think Forth has always been underrated by the mainstream. The fact that the 8th code will run on multiple platforms without modification is a big plus.”
“I like the self contained nature of 8th and the low environmental overhead. This means that I can start small with minimal delay to get basic functionality and gradually grow the tool/app as whim takes me.”
“Please keep going with your fantastic job. With 8th I rediscovered, after many years, the pleasure of writing code!”
“Keep up the excellent work!”
“You take documentation seriously. Many projects don't after a while and then starve to death.”
“I really like that the bignum is transparent to the user”
“Just got done with the upgrade… and all I can say is : WOW! It really screamed along! I'll have the entire dataset of numbers and all later but I am IMPRESSED!! Kudos to Ron for making 1.1.1 so good! Great Job!”
“I find 8th MUCH easier to use than most of the available alternatives.”
“It seems you created your own programming language, I like that! I am reading the tutorial and the manual and it is refreshingly different, well done.”
“8th is like the Swiss army knife of Forth languages.”
“8th really does seem very intuitive and simple for all that it achieves.”
“Different from "normal" Forth… and better. I like it!”
“I want to congratulate you on taking the exceptional attributes of the Forth philosophy and creating a product that addresses more of the concerns of modern developers. I know you have a big job marketing it into the tower of Babel that is today’s computer language world, but bravo for having the chutzpah to do it. And the product is very cool as well.”