Version 17.03 released

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Version 17.03 released
« on: April 06, 2017, 05:48:52 »
If you don't know what 8th is, read this first!

From the README:


- More performance improvements: between 10 and 20% for many workflows
- Added new hashes: sha3-256, sha3-384, sha3-512, blake2b
- Utilize optimized blake hash routines when possible
- Fixed a number of memory corruption issues found in internal testing
- Fixed some long-standing Linux 32-bit bugs
- Fixed memory overcommitment in some cases
- Fixed Windows mtime/ctime problem
- QR library updated to 84eccbf
- SQLite updated to 3.18.0
- Command-line option 'p' removed
- Words marked 'DEPRECATED' now report that when first invoked or compiled
- FFI improvements: external lib can now call into 8th code
- Linux stability improvements
- "lock", "unlock" and "locked?" now only affect container types
- The mark/release functionality has been removed since it was incompatible with
  the pool optimizations
- Pool access only locks if required now (multithreades or GUI apps)
- Console input fixes: save color, codepage
- Fixed some font name issues
- Added IMAP library and sample
- Updated manual

- New: pool-clear, pool-allot, xchg, img:data w:deprecated w:cb
- Fixed: a:! (could crash), st:slide (could crash), f:mtime/f:ctime on Windows
  (TZ problem), words (minor stack problem)
- Changed: lock, unlock, locked?
- DEPRECATED: pool-size mark release

- New: net/imap
- Fixed: net/http net/utils
- Changed: net/zmq

- New: crypto/hashtime.8th crypto/sha3.8th ffi/ffi.8th net/imap.8th
  net/zmqcli-multi.8th net/zmqsrv-multi.8th
- Fixed: gui/laf.8th
- Removed: misc/mark-release.8th

We thank you for your continued support of 8th!



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Re: Version 17.03 released
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2017, 20:59:40 »
Note: due to an oversight on my part, an earlier version of the new 'imap' library and sample was included.  I've updated the distribution with the correct files, and they are also attached to this message.

I apologize for any inconvenience.