8th for embedded platforms.

Why embedded-8th?

Due to repeated requests from our users and others for an embedded version of 8th, we are creating a port of 8th called “e8th”. The first target is our own custom board.

The board is based on the powerful STM32F756 Cortex-M7 micro-controller. Among its features:

  • Low power requirements but good performance
  • Embedded 8th (with most of current 8th's features)
  • Soft "real-time" performance
  • As much RAM as possible
  • USB ports
  • Network port
  • GPIO header
  • I2C
  • μSD card slot
  • RTC on the board
  • Powered from a 'wall-wart'
  • Boot-loader source freely available

The prototype hardware is currently undergoing final checks, and we will be commencing the port in the near future. Once we have the e8th-board properly supported, we will start branching out.

e8th licensing

The license for e8th will include one for regular 8th. There are two reasons for this. First, you will need a version of 8th in order to create an appropriate encrypted binary to run using e8th. Secondly, we believe that as an embedded developer who also wants to make a desktop or mobile application to control your embedded device, you will appreciate being able to use the same language.

The current suggested price for an e8th license is $499 per year.

How can you help?

You can help advance the pace of e8th development by contributing via PayPal. If you would like to help, please click here to contribute in USD, or here for EUR.

If you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor for this effort, please email Ron Aaron for further discussion.

The hardware

A preliminary board layout:

And here’s the actual prototype board! You can pre-order your e8th board for $70 via PayPal, and the board will ship when we’ve finished bringing up the software. Note: the embedded 8th software is a separate product, to be used with the board.

The software

We just got the e8th bootloader REPL running over USB: