All about the different 8th SKUs

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All 8th™ versions (SKUs) have built-in support for big-math, SQLite databases, strong encryption, network I/O and much more. The following differences do exist between them:

     Free     Hobbyist     Professional     Enterprise
Create non-encrypted binaries   ✓
Serial I/O
QR-Code parsing
Custom look-and-feel
Create encrypted binary
Additional libraries
Priority support
8th source code*

All versions can be used to create non-encrypted and non-time-limited binaries. The purchase price includes one year of updates for all versions (excepting the Free version, which may always be updated). Once the year has passed, an additional year of updates may be purchased for a nominal fee.

Nevertheless, any specific version will remain usable for as long as you wish to use it. There is no requirement to update.

Similarly, you may upgrade from one version to another by paying the difference in price between the version you have and the one you want to have. Your year of updates will be reset, beginning from the time you upgrade.

*Access requires a separate signed NDA

Compare prices

The SKUs are currently priced as follows (all prices are USD). The “License” price is the purchase price for the product and for one full year of updates to the product. The “Update” price is the amount for a one-year update once the initial year of updates is complete.

License     Update
Free       N/A     N/A
Hobbyist       $49     $20
Professional       $249     $49
Enterprise       $2,999     $249

Note: the year of updates includes a 90-day grace-period during which an update may be purchased. That is, once the year has expired, you will have 90 days in which to purchase an update rather than an entirely new license.