Our Clients

A selection of satisfied customers.

Custom software development:

Aaron High-Tech, Ltd. is not only a software development start-up company but also a consultancy, providing a variety of services. Some of our satisfied clients and customers include:


Optimization and continued development of high-speed genome database.


Native Android application embedded on device.


Interface code to retreive Experian credit data for client software.


Low-latency financial feeds. Optimized their code and significantly reduced the latencies in the system.


Mobile security application identifying fingerprints using device camera. Wrote the back-end systems and overall systems architecture, as well as writing one of the mobile applications.

Hyperlync Technologies

OEM multimedia software provider. Ported their software to Linux and improved their production and distribution systems.


Multiple contracts. Portions of NT4, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word as well as the original version of DirectX.

Projects in progress or completed using 8th:

Thylenea Systemes D’Information

Access control application using QR-codes to verify membership.

Jewish Bible Association

Custom vertical database for tracking student enrollment and progress.


Mobile application to improve driving safety. Wrote the POC demo application with the help of 8th, helped with algo development.

Maestro Pty

Planned embedded communications between controller and device using BLE.

Chung Yuan Christian University

Planned cross-platform telecare monitoring system.