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Aaron High-Tech, Ltd. is a software development and consultancy firm established in 2013, in continuation of Ron Aaron’s development activities with a variety of clients. The company has released a software development environment which enables writing the program code once and producing the final application simultaneously on different operating systems - at the touch of a button.

The system is called “8th™”, and it significantly shortens the development time required for producing multi-platform applications. As a result, you get a better return on investment for your development efforts and reach customers faster, in addition to having a significantly lower maintenance cost. As of the current release, 8th supports Android and iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux and Raspberry Pi

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Ron Aaron

Founder and CTO, Ron Aaron has three decades of experience in software development. He has held key positions with leading companies in the technology industry, such as Microsoft and Motorola. He was one of the owners of a consulting and software development firm in the US which helped produce a number of Microsoft’s technologies. He developed the well respected Reva Forth, used by hobbyists around the world. Since immigrating to Israel, he has continued to work as a developer.

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Esther Aaron

Founder and CEO, Esther Aaron is a senior tax consultant and has a BA in Business Administration. She has worked as a senior tax consultant both in the United States and in Israel. Her responsibilities include both the financial and operational aspects of the company.

Our Partners

Our extended team

We partner with a wide variety of experts on an ad-hoc basis. Among the fields of expertise we can bring to bear are senior-level programmers, graphic designers, web designers, security and cryptography experts. You only have to deal with us, and we deal with our team.