One Effort, Multiple Platforms

8th™ is a secure, cross-platform, efficient, cost-effective, robust, and
fun programming language for mobile, desktop, server and
embedded application development.


Desktop, Mobile, Embedded and Server.

Save Time

Reduce time to market and focus on your application.

Save Money

Lower development costs by being more efficient.

Excellent Support

Our plans include priority technical support.

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8th™ is a revolutionary cross-platform language.

It lets developers easily create applications for Android and iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux and Raspberry Pi using the same source code and with the same UI. Easily develop mobile, desktop, server or embedded applications equally. It is ideal in applications where a slightly non-standard UI is not a problem.
Read the manual or the tutorial, peruse code samples. Learn about best practices, or view the Big 8th Lessons Book.


Any platform, every platform

The choice of development platform is yours.

8th lets you use whichever platform you prefer for writing the code. With one click, you’ll create the executables for any platform 8th supports, from any platform it supports!

Features built in

Write code more quickly and effectively.

8th includes among other things: a standardized GUI, strong encryption, database support, REST access, L10N support, hardware access, a REPL and much more!

  • Free

  • $0 no cost

  • SQLite databases, encryption and more
  • Create standalone binaries
  • Free support via forum
  • Compare!
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  • Professional

  • $ 249

  • Same as “Hobbyist”, plus:
  • Create encrypted binaries
  • Bluetooth
  • Custom look-and-feel
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  • Hobbyist

  • $ 49

  • Same functionality as “Free”, plus:
  • GPIO/I2C/Serial I/O
  • QR-Code parsing
  • Sound
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  • Support

  • $ 400 / 4 hours

  • Added priority support
  • Quicker response
  • Four hours total
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  • Enterprise

  • $ 2999

  • Same as “Professional”, plus:
  • AWS etc. libraries
  • Priority support
  • 8th source code
  • Compare!
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  • OEM version

  • $TBD

  • Custom features
  • Negotiated price
  • Negotiated license
  • Negotiated support
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